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Silver tray

Silver Nano with 99.9% Purity

Silver tray

  • The function of adjusting the temperature around the plant both in the summer and in the winter

    In the summer, the surface temperature of the silver tray is 5~7 degress lower than the general tray, that could reduce the stress on the scope of the root. And it could decrease considerably. For the winter seedling, silver trays could raise the temprature around the plant and make the temperature management easier and as the result, it could reduce the chilling injury and other problems caused by the chilling injury.

  • The function of the Silver tray is restraining over growth in the initial stage of the seeding

    After sprouting, when the leaves brust our, the silver tray could reflect the sunlight to the rear side of the leaves. As a result, it could macimize and speed up the photosynthesis of the plant. And since it could increases the density of the cell of the plant, it could restrain the over growth of the plant in the initial stage of the seeding

  • The function of restraining diseases and pesters in the initial stage of seedling

    In the initial stage of seefing, the silver trays could effectively avoid the inhabitation of the aphid, mites, and moths, flies etc. which parasitic on the rear side of the leaves, and avoid the onset of the bacteria's.